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27.  Discovery and Structure-Activity Relationships of a Highly Selective Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitor by Structure-Based Virtual Screening

S.N. Dighe^, G.S. Deora^, E. De la Mora, F. Nachon, S. Chan, M.-O. Parat, X. Brazzolotto, B.P. Ross

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2016,


^ These authors contributed equally to this work


26.    Metal chelation, radical scavenging and inhibition of Aβ42 fibrillation by food constituents in relation to Alzheimer’s disease

S. Chan^, S. Kantham^, V.M. Rao, M.K. Palanivelu, H.L. Pham, P.N. Shaw, R.P. McGeary, B.P. Ross

Food Chemistry 2016, 199, 185-194


^ These authors contributed equally to this work


25.    "Click" Assembly of Glycoclusters and Discovery of a Trehalose Analogue that Retards Aβ40 Aggregation and Inhibits Aβ40-induced Neurotoxicity

H. Rajaram, M.K. Palanivelu, T.V. Arumugam, V.M. Rao, P.N. Shaw, R.P. McGeary, B.P. Ross

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2014, 24, 4523-4528



24.   Cyclodextrin-crosslinked poly(acrylic acid): Adhesion and controlled release of diflunisal and fluconazole from solid dosage forms

M.J. Kutyla, M.W. Boehm, J.R. Stokes, P.N. Shaw, N.M. Davies, R.P. McGeary, J. Tuke, B.P. Ross

AAPS PharmSciTech 2013, 14, 301-311



23. Cyclodextrin-crosslinked poly(acrylic acid): Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and controlled release of diflunisal and fluconazole from hydrogels

M.J. Kutyla, L.K. Lambert, N.M. Davies, R.P. McGeary, P.N. Shaw, B.P. Ross

International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2013, 444, 175-184



22.   Enzyme-Responsive Controlled Release of Covalently Bound Prodrug from Functional Mesoporous Silica Nanospheres

A. Popat, B.P. Ross, J.Liu, S. Jambhrunkar, F. Kleitz, S.Z. Qiao

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2012, 51, 12486-12489



21.   2-Mercaptobenzothiazole and its Derivatives: Syntheses, Reactions and Applications

F.-L. Wu, W.M. Hussein, B.P. Ross, R.P. McGeary

Current Organic Chemistry 2012, 16, 1555-1580



20.    Phytochemical Study of Fagraea spp. Uncovers A New Terpene Alkaloid with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

S. Suciati, L.K. Lambert, B.P. Ross, M.A. Deseo, M.J. Garson

Australian Journal of Chemistry 2011, 64, 489-494



19.     New Methodology for the Conversion of Epoxides to Alkenes

F.-L. Wu, B.P. Ross, R.P. McGeary

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010, 10, 1989-1998



18.   Synthetic Approaches to Functionalized Lipids for Protein Monolayer Crystallizations

W.M. Hussein, B.P. Ross, M.J. Landsberg, B. Hankamer, R.P. McGeary

Current Organic Chemistry 2009, 13, 1378-1405



17.   Efficient Manual Fmoc Solid-Phase Synthesis of the N-Terminal Segment of Surfactant Protein B (SP-B(1-25))

S. Ramli, I.R. Gentle, B.P. Ross

Protein & Peptide Letters 2009, 16, 810-814


Link to the post-print manuscript


16.    Synthesis of cationic derivatives of Quil A and the preparation of cationic immune-stimulating complexes (ISCOMs)

H.L. Pham, B.P. Ross, R.P. McGeary, P.N. Shaw, N.M. Davies

International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2009 , 376, 123-133



15.     An "inside-out" approach to suramin analogues

R.P. McGeary, A.J. Bennett, Q.B. Tran, J. Prins, B.P. Ross

Tetrahedron 2009, 65, 3990-3997



14.  Synthesis of Nickel-Chelating Fluorinated Lipids for Protein Monolayer Crystallizations

W.M. Hussein, B.P. Ross, D. Lévy, M.J. Landsberg, B. Hankamer, R.P. McGeary

Journal of Organic Chemistry 2009, 74, 1473-1479



13.     Suramin: Clinical Uses and Structure-Activity Relationships

R.P. McGeary, A.J. Bennett, Q.B. Tran, K.L. Cosgrove, B.P. Ross

Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 2008, 8, 1384-1394



12.     N-1-(4,4-dimethyl-2,6-dioxocyclohex-1-ylidene)ethyl (N-Dde) Lipoamino Acids

B.P. Ross, R.A. Falconer, I. Toth

Molbank 2008, M566



11.     Caco-2 Cell Permeability and Stability of Two D-Glucopyranuronamide Conjugates of Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone

S.T. Wessling, B.P. Ross, Y. Koda, J.T. Blanchfield, I. Toth

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2007, 15, 4946-4950



10.     Rhodamine B Pentyl Ester and its Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, and Butyl Homologues

J.A. Ross, B.P. Ross, K.L. Cosgrove, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop, R.P. McGeary

Molbank 2006, M515



9.       Saponins from Quillaja saponaria Molina: Isolation, Characterization and Ability to Form Immuno Stimulatory Complexes (ISCOMs)

H.L. Pham, B.P. Ross, R.P. McGeary, P.N. Shaw, A.K. Hewavitharana, N.M. Davies

Current Drug Delivery 2006, 3, 389-397



8.     Determination of the Anomeric Configurations of 2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-Acetyl-D-Mannopyranosyl Azide

K.L. Cosgrove, P.V. Bernhardt, B.P. Ross, R.P. McGeary

Australian Journal of Chemistry 2006, 59, 473-476



7.       Facile Synthesis of Rhodamine Esters Using Acetyl Chloride in Alcohol Solution

          J.A. Ross, B.P. Ross, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop, R.P. McGeary

Synthetic Communications 2006, 36, 1745-1750



6.      Polycationic lipophilic-core dendrons as penetration enhancers for the oral administration of low molecular weight heparin

P.Y. Hayes, B.P. Ross, B.G. Thomas, I. Toth

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2006, 14, 143-152



5.       Gastrointestinal Absorption of Heparin by Lipidization or Coadministration with Penetration Enhancers

B.P. Ross, I. Toth

Current Drug Delivery 2005, 2, 277-287



4.      Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of a Liposaccharide Drug Delivery Agent: Application to the Gastrointestinal Absorption of Gentamicin

B.P. Ross,  S.E. DeCruz, T.B. Lynch, K. Davis-Goff, I. Toth

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2004, 47, 1251-1258



3.       Micellar Aggregation and Membrane Partitioning of Bile Salts, Fatty Acids, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, and Sugar-Conjugated Fatty Acids: Correlation with Hemolytic Potency and Implications for Drug Delivery

B.P. Ross, A.C. Braddy, R.P. McGeary, J.T. Blanchfield, L. Prokai, I. Toth

Molecular Pharmaceutics 2004, 1, 233-245



2.     Determination of transport in the Caco-2 cell assay of compounds varying in lipophilicity using LC-MS: enhanced transport of Leu-enkephalin analogues

A.K. Wong, B.P. Ross, Y.-N. Chan, P. Artursson, L. Lazorova, A. Jones, I. Toth

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2002, 16, 113-118



1.     Halogenated Terpenoids. XXXII. Pentabromides from Limonene -Two 1,2,8,9,9-Pentabromo-p-menthanes

P.V. Bernhardt, R.M. Carman, B.P. Ross

Australian Journal of Chemistry 2000, 53, 611-614





Oral drug delivery systems comprising ionic complexes including mono- or oligosaccharide, lipidic moiety, and optionally a linker and/or a spacer.

Toth I, Falconer R, De Cruz S E, McGeary R P, Ross B P (2007)

US7312194-B2; US20040176281-A1; WO2002053572-A1

[Continuation-in-part of Appl. No. PCT/AU02/5].


New amide-linked mono, di and tri-saccharide-lipoamino acid complex useful in drug delivery

Toth I, Falconer R, De Cruz S E, McGeary R P, Ross B P (2002)

WO200253572-A; WO200253572-A1; AU2002216843-A1; US2004176281-A1




Latest News


2 April 2013: Welcome Mr Suresh Veliyath (PhD candidate). Suresh has a masters degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore. He worked as a project assistant at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore and as a faculty member at MIPS Hyderabad, before joining the Ross Group. Suresh's PhD project is focused on AD drug discovery.


6 February 2013: Welcome Mr Girdhar Singh Deora (PhD candidate). Giri completed a MPharm from Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal in 2009. Prior to joining the Ross Group, Giri worked as a research associate at Rajiv Gandhi Technological University (2010-11) and at Dr Reddy's Institute of Life Sciences, Hyderabad (2011-13). Giri's PhD project is in the field of AD drug discovery.


10 January 2013: Welcome Mr Edward Lee (PhD candidate). Eddy completed a BPharm (2010) and postgraduate honours (2012) degrees at UQ and he was awarded an APA scholarship for his PhD project to develop anti-viral nanoparticles.


1 November 2012: Welcome Mr Satish Dighe (PhD candidate). Satish was awarded an MPharm in 2009 from Pune University, and worked as a research chemist at Zydus-Cadila Healthcare Limited (2009-11; Ahmedabad) and as a research assistant at the Birla Institute of Techology and Science (2011-12; Pilani), before joining the Ross Group. The topic of Satish's PhD project is AD drug discovery.


3 July 2012: Welcome Mr Srinivas Kantham (PhD candidate) who is funded by a prestigious Prime Minister's Australia Asia Incoming Postgraduate Award. For his PhD Srinivas is developing polyphenols as disease-modifying drugs for AD. Previously he worked as a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) Hyderabad.



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